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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Smile Makeover Begins Here

Our Cosmetic Dentist in Douglasville Can Help You Achieve Your Best Smile.

Douglas Dental Studio provides Cosmetic Dentistry solutions to help you feel more confident about your smile.


Teeth Whitening

Douglas Dental Studio offers KöR Whitening, a widely recognized method of teeth whitening that is considered to be one of the most effective in the world. It also produces amazing results for those dealing with tetracycline staining.

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Implants & Veneers

Implants and veneers are a great option to improve the look of your smile. They can close gaps, hide imperfections, make your smile bright and white, straighten your teeth without braces, and balance your gum line to show more teeth and less gum. 
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Crowns & Bridges

A dental bridge can beautify your smile by replacing one or multiple missing teeth as long as there are healthy teeth on either side of the gap. Cosmetically, crowns can be used to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth, and cover or “cap” a damaged tooth. 
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Latest Cosmetic Dentistry Equipment

Even those who are diligent about dental care still discover that they aren’t immune to frustrating cosmetic issues with their teeth, such as stains, gaps, misalignments, and more. 

Our cosmetic dentist in Douglasville offers the latest in dental care, including a brand-new CBCT machine to take digital 3D images of your teeth.

If you're looking to improve your smile, Dr. Cassandra Lichkay can help you explore a number of cosmetic solutions that can lead to long-term aesthetic improvements that will boost your confidence and leave you smiling. Dr. Lichkay's extensive experience and dedication to your best smile make her an excellent choice as your provider, without having to travel all the way to Atlanta. 

To schedule a one-on-one consultation, don’t hesitate to contact our Douglasville dental office today.

Do I Need a Cosmetic Dentist?

Teeth look very short or worn down
Chipped or cracked teeth
Missing teeth
Spaced or crowded teeth
Smile line too high exposing gums
Color of your teeth is too dark, too yellow, or too opaque

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