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Implants in Douglasville

Restore your smile with the most natural-looking solution for missing teeth


Benefits of Implants

If you have missing teeth or have broken or decayed teeth, implants may be the best choice. If you’re uncomfortable with your partial denture, dentures, or bridge, you could benefit from implants. 

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Prevents Bone Loss & Facial Sagging

No Pain With Chewing

Prevents Gum Disease

Looks and Feels Like Natural Teeth

Keeps Adjacent Teeth Stable

Lasts a Lifetime

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Missing teeth can agitate the balance of your bite and should be replaced. Modern replacements like dental crowns and dentures are often secured to dental implants for the best results. These little titanium posts offer unmatched durability as replacement teeth by simulating your natural teeth' roots.

When saving your broken or decayed tooth is no longer an option, replacing it with a dental implant at our Douglasville dentist's office may offer an optimal solution to protect your oral health.

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